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Geocell was formed in 2005 by Breck McDaniel.  Breck is extremely- experienced in investigations and especially with the use of electronic communications data, most notably, cell phone data.  Breck worked for twenty years with the Houston Police Department, including over seventeen years in investigations and nearly ten years as a sergeant.  Breck worked undercover narcotics, domestic violence, homicide for over five years, general investigations, and created and supervised an electronic Communications Intelligence Unit (CIU). 

Breck retired in 2015 and now works full time in this specialty by providing training, research, and expert witnessing and consulting in the field.  Expert services are provided through another company formed by Breck, Cellular Evidence Services, LLC (www.cellularevidence.com) and are provided for law enforcement and civil cases.  Breck's Linkedin page may be accessed via this link and a resume or detailed curriculum vitae (CV) are both available upon request.  


Geocell has provided law enforcement training and services since 2009. Training has been provided successfully to over 7,600 attendees in over 165 events consisting of over 2,400 hours of formal training.  Geocell courses have been attended by local, state, and federal officials.  Additionally, Geocell has been hired to provide training specifically for many local, state, and federal agencies including the FBI.  While training has primarily been provided by Breck McDaniel, Geocell has also used experienced adjunct instructors.  

Extensive references are available.

Are you interested in training and/or expert witnessing?

Do you have extensive experience related to using cell phone data in support of investigations. What about experience teaching your colleagues and/or presenting cell phone data in court?  Geocell is always looking for persons to potentially assist with Geocell offerings.  If you feel qualified, please contact Geocell via the email address below with your credentials. Geocell is interested in finding additional trainers supporting Geocell's existing curriculum, as well as, possibly expanding.  

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