The following courses are currently scheduled:

1/24-25/17           Birmingham, AL             Intro 2 Day / Info

2/22-23/17         North Las Vegas, NV         Intro 2 Day / Info

2/28/17      Grand Prairie, TX (DFW Area)   Intro 1 Day / Info

3/1-3/17    Grand Prairie, TX (DFW Area) Mapping 3 Day/Info

3/8-9/17                 St. Louis, MO               Intro 2 Day / Info

3/28/17      Scottsdale, AZ (Phoenix Area)   Intro 1 Day / Info

3/29-31/17 Scottsdale, AZ (Phoenix Area) Mapping 3 Day/Info

Please contact Geocell at if you are interested in hosting and/or hiring a course!

Geocell can also bring hands-on training to on-site locations throughout the country.  Geocell has invested in a mobile networked laptop computer lab allowing for very specialized hands-on training with minimal resources needed by the hosting/hiring agency.


Terms/Conditions and Refund Policy:

All courses paid for will be delivered and completed within twelve(12) months.  

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please be advised that course presentation is contingent upon minimum enrollment of attendees. In the rare case
of a cancellation, enrolled attendees will be notified promptly and refunds will be processed quickly. Notification of a cancelled course will be
made at least three weeks prior to the presentation of a course. Registered attendees may cancel up to thirty days before training to receive a full
refund. If a course will be cancelled, notice will also be placed at

Geocell, LLC will accept cancellations of registrations up to thirty days in advance of any scheduled training.  Geocell does allow for substitutions of originally registered personnel with other attendees at the discretion of the originally booking entity.  

Privacy Policy:

Geocell does not sell customer information to any third party and all provided information will be held in strict confidence.