About Geocell, LLC:

Geocell was formed in 2005 by a law enforcement officer extremely experienced in investigations and with the use of electronic communications data, especially cell phone data. Geocell has provided law enforcement training and services since 2009. Training has been provided successfully to over 7,000 attendees in over 130 events consisting of over 1,800 hours of formal training. Geocell courses have been attended by local, state, and federal officials, and, Geocell has been hired to provide training specifically for major local, state, and federal agencies including the FBI.

Geocell has also provided hired expert witnessing services in several successful criminal prosecutions.

Extensive references are available.

Services are offered through a selection of highly-trained and experienced current and former law enforcement personnel with extensive experience at the local, state, and federal levels. All Geocell trainers and experts have been thoroughly vetted and selected for their suitability to provide expert services in this unique field and have at least four years of full-time experience working with this extremely valuable data.

Geocell is operated by Beth McDaniel and she may be reached via the contact information below.  Current Geocell instructors details can also be found below. 

Current Geocell Instructors:

Andrew R. Vallee: Andrew has been working extensively with electronic communications data, especially cell phone and Wi-Fi data, for several years. He is a thirteen year law enforcement veteran and is currently a Detective assigned to Technical and Special Crimes in a large metropolitan police department in the Southeast. Andrew has been teaching law enforcement officers and other government officials for over nine years where he has instructed thousands of students including personnel from numerous local, state, federal, tribal, and international law enforcement agencies. He is currently certified as a specialized instructor and also as a general instructor. Andrew has also testified successfully regarding electronic communications data in numerous hearings and trials throughout his career and continues to work with this specialized data on a regular basis. Andrew possesses a Bachelor of Science degree and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. 

Are you interested in training and/or expert witnessing?


Do you have extensive experience related to using cell phone data in support of investigations.  What about experience teaching your colleagues and/or presenting cell phone data in court?  Geocell is always looking for persons to potentially assist with Geocell offerings.  If you feel qualified, please contact Geocell via the email address below with your credentials.  Geocell is interested in finding additional trainers supporting Geocell's existing curriculum, as well as, possibly expanding into introductory cell phone forensics training to a greater extent.